2 Node swarm crashing manager node

Hey y’all. I’m not sure if this is a Docker issue or something more, but I’m fairly confident that it’s related to Docker.
I’m somewhat new to Docker. I know the basics, but not much more. I’m not super comfortable yet. Anyway, I have 2 nodes running and the manager node crashes almost everyday. I’m using Portainer to do most of my management. Currently, most containers are shutdown to help me narrow down the source of the problem. I’ll post a few pictures. Please let me know what else I can post to get some help resolving this. thank you!!

Please do not post text as images, as it can not be indexed by the forum search, and not be quoted to highly parts of the post.

I am not an expert in this, but permission denied while setting the vlan on the default bridge, looks like missing capabilities to me. Are you docker engines by any chance run inside lxc containers?

Never mind, I missed that you seem to use a Raspberry PI, so it’s less likely to be related to lxc container.

I can’t say much about Docker on Debian 11 in general, you will need to wait until someone who actually uses Docker on Debian 11 comes around.

Sorry about that. I decided to completely scrap Portainer from the pi and use only Docker. So far, it’s running much better. though I’m realizing I will have a different issue…

I have gluetun running in a container and I would like that container to serve as the gateway for other containers. Doing this in Portainer was easy, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it in Docker.

The very same way you configured it with Portainer? From the configuration perspective, Portainer is just convenient UI to drive the same docker engine api that the docker cli or the docker compose cli plugin drives. After all the created resources and their configuration end up in the docker engine.

Still, something seems off on your node. So you might want to fix this first.

Have you checked what the forum search returns for gluetan or vpn container?

in portainer I literally just checked a box and selected the container from a dropdown. I understand in concept what it did, just not sure how.
The errors I was getting actually stopped once I removed portainer from the network. So, I think that pretty sold me on portainer being shit lol.
I’ve done a little searching, but wasn’t able to find something with a definitive answer.