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A few things I would like to see

Dockerfile Multibuilds

  • 1). Add image-name: command

  • 2). Add tag: command

JSON Support

Would love to see json support over yml, better structures, consistency and no indent issues.

Dockerfile & docker-compose

  • 1). Add support for conditionals (IF) so we can handle vars that are injected during build, run and inline.

  • 2). docker-compose: remove version command, this should be based on the cli tools version, make all commands unique, feature not available? Then you need to update your install.

  • 3). had some issues with relative paths not working on windows, had to specify absolute paths on docker run as it couldn’t handle …/ ./

  • 4). docker-compose: Remove need for networks section, unless additional configuration is needed, simply get it from the service definitions (same goes for anything else that can be derived from already processed service sections)


  • 1). Merge docker-compose & docker stack

  • 2). docker ps watch (like docker stats just polling update of docker ps)

  • 3). encrypted secrets (never output a secret in any log encrypted or not)

  • 4). remote retrieval of secrets (handle auth via key or ssh)

  • 5). improved logging built in (log to easy to access file and trim at a default of 10mb – docker desktop)

  • 6). “docker-compose logs -f” needs to read from what is running not searching for the docker-compose.yml file and allow for target file specification so we can have our folders organised better.

Improve build speed

Is it just me or has the build of images lately become slower (Docker Desktop)?
Win10 Pro - i9900k OC@4.65 all cores, boosts to 5 on 1 core, 32GB DDR @ 3200, NVME/SSD, RTX 3080.

Docker Desktop

  • 1). Visual Composer like MySQL Workbench visual schema editor for Orchestration and image creation (Single,Swarm & K8 modes) export yml and json configurations for use or manage dev and live boxes from the tool

  • 2). Simulate multiple machines (managers and workers) for swarm etc (probably no need to actually create a new VM behind the scenes just simulate and just use what exists just adding flags so they can be orchestrated and executed etc)