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About Docker Hub Orgs/Teams and user access types for private repos


(Jmaria8) #1

Hi there,

I’ve tried setting up a new org under my user ID and create a private
repository though that. It wouldn’t allow me to do that, it would only
let me create a private repository as the org of the user ID itself. I
did that, then confirmed that my user ID was in the team “Owners” so
that I’m allowed to add other user IDs as collaborators with different
access levels as per the instructions (read-only, write e.t.c.) but I
was only allowed to add user IDs as “Collaborator”, there was no second
drop-down to select the access type or a way to change the access from
"Collaborator" to something else, let’s say “read” like the screenshot
provided on the instructions. Did I miss something? Or is this perhaps
not a feature that is supported on a free Docker Hub account?