Access a docker container's api from a remote machine other than our local host

I just has a local image running on my local machine but my client want to access the containers rest services from his machine through internet.Please tell me how I solve this suituation.I am using ubuntu in my machine.

If i understand you correctly, you have a container that exposes a API that a client want to use?
If you allready have the port mapped, i belive the docker part of this is allready OK, then you just need something in front, in a home setup you would just open the port in your router/firewall and forward it to your docker host.

In a more enterprise setup, i guess you would have some sort of loadbalancer/proxy in front to seperate internet and your hosts

What terpz wrote are the prefered options for permanent access - use them if you need permenant access!

If you are a dev and are looking for a temporary short term solution to provide someone access to your current development state, try:

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Thankyou for your reply