Access SMB share from .Net app in windows container

I would like to put a relatively simple .Net app into a container. The .Net app mostly talks to other APIs and SQL databases. One thing I’m unclear on is this: The application needs to modify files on a windows smb file server. How can the container app access a network SMB share?

You should probably mount the SMB share on the container host, and then mount that share into the container:

If you want to try something more fancy, you could experiment with an SMB volume plugin:

There is also the azure volume driver which seems to allow SMB access. (To azure’s smb services) ( However, both this and containx are both designed for linux systems and only have installation instructions for Linux. I have no idea they will work on windows or for that matter if volume drivers are even supported with ‘windows containers’ on server 2016. Documentation on volume plugins on the windows platform seems non-existent.

Also see: