Access website from Docker Containers on https host name and different ports


We are using the Docker community edition for Windows. My requirement is to host different sites in different containers and access them with the same hostname, SSL cert but with different port numbers.

Site A (Docker port 80, Published port 8081, https enabled using Expose 4443)
Site B (Docker port 80, Published port 8082, https enabled using Expose 5553)

The hostname used as abcdef. com and SSL cert CN=abcdef. com

We want to access sites as below --> Site A --> Site B

With the above setup, we are able to access the IP address and port number, However, we are not able to access the site with domain and port number.

Any help/references to the resources will be helpful.


Do you have a DNS in your network that resolves to the IP address of your Docker host?


Yes. We have dns added in the network that resolves the domain name.

Hi guys … i am also facing the same issue iam unable to accessing the docker through domain
could you please tell me the steps what you have done to resolve
I have created the docker in alibaba instance…