Address container with port by pi-hole and unbound reverse dns


I’ve stetting up docker with, I am using pi-hole and unmount. Right now I’ve running just three container with a bridge configured network. Before I continue installing further container, I would like to configure the container within my network to get reached (in my case) SearXNG and OpenHab by using searxng.lan and smarthome.lan. With unbound I can resolve the name to ip but I still need to add the port. Knowing my family getting overloaded by typing a port at the end of an URL request, I would like to redirect the entered url smarthome.lan to and searxng.lan to 192.168.111:9017.

Can anyone direct me to the right path getting it done?

all local server getting revers forwarded within my pfSense but how can I do revers forwarding for different docker container using bridged network and being just different by the port?

Any help is very much appreciated.

For a larger setup (or running multiple services on the same host), usually a reverse proxy is used. It receives all requests and then forwards them internally to the target service/container by (sub-)domain and/or path.

See simple Traefik example. Please note it’s usually better to use multiple sub-domains than trying to work with dedicated paths per app on a single domain.