Alpine image editor module not working

Hello Community,

I am currently using a docker setup with 7.4-fpm-alpine as my linux distribution in a docker container. I want to edit images inside of WordPress, but the warning tells me “Image rotation is not supported by your web host.” and another error which also tells me that the something is wrong with my image editor module
I have tried to add php-gd like here Gideon-php-gd, but with the supported packages for alpine in my php.dockerfile by adding the commands, but it did not change anything.



FROM php:7.4-fpm-alpine

RUN docker-php-ext-install mysqli pdo pdo_mysql && docker-php-ext-enable pdo_mysql

RUN apk update \
 && apk add \
    build-base \
    imagemagick \
	gd \


If you need the docker-compose.yml or anything else tell me. I am quite new to Docker, so maybe there is an easy fix, but I am to blind to see.

I have also thought about changing the linux distribution, if alpine does not support that kind of things. So please tell me, if you think this will not work.

Thanks in Advance!