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Alpine on Virtual Machine + oracle-apex-ords


(Ericyuri) #1

Hi guys,

I am a newbie in docker and I need I help from experienced guys like you.

I followed all the instruction on oracle-apex-ords, but I can’t get Apex to work on my machine

I can established a ssh connection but not a simple request like


What I have to do ?

Thank you

(Sam) #2

is there some code IN the container actually listening on port 8080?

the -p port mapping is really just documentation… if there is no app listening in the container, docker does not know, it still maps the port as u requested… even tho it would be a dead end

(Ericyuri) #3

Is this answer your question ? If not can you explain how to do it ?

Thank you

(Sam) #4

so, if you look in the container /var/logs/apache (I think same under alpine)
you should see the access log

(Ericyuri) #6

here ?

(Sam) #7

could be there, i don’t trace stuff often

(Ericyuri) #8

I still have no clue, but I found this

(Sam) #9

i was trying to help prove that the requests arrived in the container on port 8080. apache or tomcat should report the traffic in their log file.