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An advice about Docker DB container

I’m studying a particular approach to validate WebRTC SDP attribute, in the context of WebRTC Security. In particular, from first peer side, I want to POST the fingerprint attribute of the localPeerConnection, in a container (i don’t know which image I could use, any pieces of advice?); this container stores all these a=fingerprint strings; from second peer side, I want to check if the a=fingerprint attribute of HIS remote description (so local peer connection’s description) is still unmodified; so second peer could GET all the a=fingerprints stored in container DB and from his side he could check a=fingeprint validity and integrity.

So my question is: which container could I use for Insert an SDP attribute (from the local side) and GET all these attributes (from remote-side)? Is there some container ready-to-use with these interfaces? How could, from javascript code, insert and get these strings?

Thanks to everyone.