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Android docker and APP purchase

Hello guys, I’m not a programmer but through guides I’ve Installed Open Media Vault and I use Portainer for Docker.

Initially for Plex now I’m trying my hand at Home Assistant.
Among all my home automation devices I’ve a Legrand btcino x100 intercom that connects to the network via Wi-Fi and through its app I can answer the intercom, call the intercom from my smartphone, open the main gate and the gate for the car.

I saw that Legrand provides APIs for Android and iOS and that’s it.

On my smartphone through the app called Tasker I was able to access the gate opening commands with a single touch.

My question regarding docker is:

  • is it possible to install android and install a regularly acquired app on the play store?
  • let the two dockers “Home Assistant” and “Android” talk to use the “Tasker” and or “Bticino” APP via Home Assistant commands?

I can’t say much about Home Assistant, bticino and tasker but

If you are planning to install Android inside a Docker container, the answer is no. Android has modified kernels and you containers use the same kernel as the host.