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ANN: netcfg – Simple network bridge configuration for Docker containers

(Mitar) #1

We are announcing a new package for Docker, netcfg. It is similar in functionality
to the pipework script, but has persistent configuration and can automatically configure networking when containers are started.

(Sven Dowideit) #2

Shiney :smile:

I wonder how much of it could be merged into docker itself (as the functionality that pipework provides is slowly subsumed into docker.

(Mitar) #3

Do you have any suggestion on how would that process be done? Is there any documentation on what is current plan to change networking in Docker? If you would be interested in discussing how this could be merged, feel free to open a ticket on netcfg repository. I am not sure if we have resources to provide a pull request, but maybe somebody else from the community could look into it.