Any one knows what available parameter does "docker-machine provision" support?

From docker site, there is not detail information about “docker-machine provision” parameter, it only said that what this command can do:
1.Set the hostname on the instance to the name Machine addresses it by (e.g. default).
2.Install Docker if it is not present already.
3.Generate a set of certificates (usually with the default, self-signed CA) and configure the daemon to accept connections over TLS.
4.Copy the generated certificates to the server and local config directory.
5.Configure the Docker Engine according to the options specified at create time.
6.Configure and activate Swarm if applicable.

if I want Configure and activate Swarm if applicable. what parameters should I pass ?

Many thanks!!

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ok! I got it!
this command’s parameter is host name(support multiple names) which is created by docker-machine.
other parameters are not supported such as “–swarm”, “–engine-label”

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Yes it does all of them each time based on the configuration specified during the original docker-machine create.