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Apache configuration in Docker


(Zariwal) #1


I am new to docker and have image created for apache httpd server, also have container running using this image. I wanted to know what is best practice to manage the configuration e.g. proxypass configuration, ssl configuration and other customized configuration in apache. The image which i have created is going to be consumed by different team and all these teams have their own customized settings to go in the apache configuration. So please let me know what is the best way to manage apache configuration in docker container.


(Muthu31kumar) #2


Two options I can think here.

  1. If it can be parameterized, pass it as a environment variables while starting the container.
  2. Else create a docker file to copy the customised to configurations to the container and build the image and push it to private registry and the deploy to swarm.


(Zariwal) #3

Thank you Muthukumar for the reply.

Is there any examples or any documents which you can share? That would be a great help.