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Architecture and design : the good way?


(Anthold) #1


We are going to create a swarm cluster for high trafic production purpose;

In the need of HA we are thinking about 3 manager swarm nodes, keeping the possibility to expand it later if needed with some workers. But our infrastructure, to begin, would be set with only three docker swarm manager nodes.
We want to use traefik to rev proxy / loadbalance , in a clusterised way too, and for this, we need a service registry.
We are going to use consul.

So, to recap we would have 3 manager docker swarm nodes, with 3 manager consul (on each manager node) and 3 traefik containers (1manager/2workers).

Do you think it is a good way and a good design, or maybe we are going too far, or in the wrong way ?

Thanks for reading

(Sam) #2

first architecture, then design, then pick tools to implement the design…

so, draw it out on paper… what do you need for you HA requirements?

once you have that,m then you can use docker (or whatever) to construct that.