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ASP.NET Applications - How to Set Identity Pool Account

(Steffenfrederiksen) #1

I’m new to this Docker universe, and I’m still learning - so I’m sorry if this is a obvious question…
I wan’t to dockerize some of our existing .NET applications, amoung other for it to be easy to move the applications to Azure later on.

I understand I need to run native .NET applications based on Windows Images, and only Net.Core runs on Linux based images - Linux based images should be to prefer as they should start faster, but it requires that the application is written in .NET Core.

Our .NET applications is running with a domain joined account in their applications pools, in order for the applications to access our SQL-Cluster with Windows Authentication accounts, and other .NET applications (windows services) is also running under a domain joined account, in order for them to access ressources such as file servers etc.

How do I setup my applications in Docker to be running under a domain joined account? What is best practise? How has other accomblished/implemented this kind of applications?
I have seen som articles suggesting that I use gMSA because the container itself can’t be domain joined - is this how it should be done?

Best Regards, Steffen.

(Agowa338) #2

You may be looking for this: