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ASP.Net Performance Counters reading 0

(Evmurphy) #1

We’ve “lifted and shifted” a .net web app into a Windows container using the microsoft/aspnet base image.
All performance counters inside my windows container are reading 0.
For example:

[07b478d1244e...]: PS C:\> Get-Counter -Counter "\ASP.NET Applications(*)\Requests/Sec"

Timestamp                 CounterSamples
---------                 --------------
6/21/2018 10:34:33 AM     \\07b478d1244e\ applications(__total__)\requests/sec :

Other performance counters, on the other hand, have values:

[07b478d1244e...]: PS C:\> Get-Counter -Counter "\Processor(*)\% Processor Time"

Timestamp                 CounterSamples
---------                 --------------
6/21/2018 10:42:12 AM     \\07b478d1244e\processor(0)\% processor time :

                          \\07b478d1244e\processor(1)\% processor time :

                          \\07b478d1244e\processor(_total)\% processor time :

Has anyone had any issues with performance counters in windows containers? Specifically counters?

(Greggu) #2


Do you have a chance to try Windows Server, version 1803? It was listed in issue fixed section.