Assign public IP's to specific containers

Hi! I want to assign specific public IPs to specific containers - or just to run the containers on random different public IPs is also a solution.
My dedicated server has this configuration:
One 10Gbit/s NIC with 5 virtual IPs. (I am only showing fake IPs as an example)
eth0 -
eth0:0 -
eth0:1 -
eth0:2 -
eth0:3 -
These are real public IPs just assigned to the virtual interfaces. Is there any way I could assign a specific IP/virtual interface to a container? I am aware of -p - but this does not work for me since I don’t want to “port forward” these containers. I want them to access the internet using these IPs.
Is there any way I could do this?

Please excuse my bad explaining/english.

Thank you very much!