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At least 3Gb memory needs to be available to the Container

(Alexanderbsc) #1


if I try to run the Image to create the container I get the following errormessage


The computer has 8 Gb RAM and 4Gb are available.
Is this a Problem caused by docker (my docker settings) or outside of docker ?


(Artisticcheese) #2

What is your docker run statement looks like? Try to add -m=4G to it

(Alexanderbsc) #3

The first one was without any additions
when I try to add -m=4G I get the following message

(Artisticcheese) #4

Issue with memory appears to be fixed as you can see from log, the rest of the stuff looks like cyclical bug, not sure what that thing is without knowing what your image supposed to do.

(Alexanderbsc) #5

The Image should create a container-based development evironment for Business Central