Attaching to host interfaces and docker network?


what is the best or recommended way to use a reverse proxy (traefik) with docker compose? I want the proxy to listen on two different native host interfaces, serving different services on each interface, and forwarding the requests to other containers on a dedicated docker network. Say:

Host interfaces are eth0 and eth1.

Docker network is webservers

traefik is supposed to listen on eth0 and eth1 for requests, and needs access to docker containers on webservers.

If I use network_mode: host, I cannot use networks:, if I use networks: then I cannot find a way to access eth0 and eth1. Initially, I created an extra network, but then I have to forward packets from eth0 to the extra network - which I don’t really want to do (what’s the use) and didn’t successfully manage to do either.

Thanks a lot!

Try using or ip of docker0