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Auto Scaling Docker containers

Hi Gents,

I have installed docker in my mac and pulled an jmeter image in my container. I have allocated 1 Cpu 1 Gb memory under preference option available. i have ran some few tests and noticed memory issues. Is there any way with docker i can set auto scaling option so that my containers will auto scale based on the utilisation?


Hi :slight_smile:

Not by docker alone, docker swarm dosnt have these features.
But it can be done with kubernetes

Thanks much for the immediate reply. I have got Kubernetes in place. I have also set up auto scalling but facing with the below issue. My target CPU utilisation is showing as unknow so that auto scale is not happening for me.

jmeter Deployment/jmeter /50% 1 10 1 12m

Hi, please try to be inclusive. Saying “gents” assumes everybody on the forum identifies as male.

Thanks for your discussion. It helps me alot.