AWS ECS Weird Disk Problem

I’m trying to start a single Couchbase instance on AWS ECS. Host machine has a root disk of 8 GB & additional storage as 100 GB’s. I thought I’d be able to use this space with my docker containers but it doesn’t seem to be the case. By default, if you create EC2 instances via ECS UI, containers will have a base disk image of 10 GB’s. You can increase this by creating EC2 instances manually from EC2 UI (or auto scaling).

Couchbase exposes a volume (/opt/couchbase/var) in its Dockerfile. I wouldn’t prefer to mount this volume to the host machine because its disk size is just 8 GB. If I don’t mount the volume (by not defining anything related to the volume in task creation) to the host machine, somehow this path (/opt/couchbase/var) gets mounted to /dev/xvda1 which is basically the host machine itself. Is this normal?

I can only think of creating a volume container and mounting it but I’m not really sure if that’d work. Also attaching an additional disk would be another option but I think it doesn’t scale well. Any ideas for the solution to this?