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Bandwidth Limit and Throttling Network per docker container

Hello Docker Community,

I’ve been super fascinated with dockers recently, this is my first post here. Don’t want to do the long intro, but just want to say I’m no IT guy, just a real enthusiast starting from 0 knowledge of linux 6 months ago.

Anyway, I got a few docker containers that I need to set Bandwidth Limits, and Throttling the network within the docker. Think of it as a VPS you buy online, where there is a Port Speed and Bandwidth Allocation on the server.

I’ve read something about TC and Throttle, but so far I don’t know yet how to use them and so far there is no mention about the Bandwidth Allocation part.

Not sure if this is completely plausible or would it be easier to just uses virtualization softwares like Proxmox or ESXi to achieve my goal?

Hope someone can point me to the right direction.


I’m not against the idea, but I have no idea if that’s the right place or not. Can anyone else chime in? For instance, since this proposal would (should?) require changing the API surface of container creation, I’m not entirely sure it 100% belongs in libnetwork. More broadly, I think people need to decide if this is even something they want Docker to do.


Not really sure what you meant there. Just wanted to know if it would be possible to do such a thing? Since I know there are services that already sell docker containers, such as yourself I believe.

So in a scenario that if you sell a container that is bandwidth sensitive in the sense that it eats up alot of bandwidth, and we all know quality bandwidth is expensive, so why wouldn’t it be a great idea and worth looking into?