Basic/minimalistic image?

Hi, I want to install clean and minimalistic/basic image of Ubuntu 12.04 in my Docker.

I have found following command that created in my Docker image: Ubuntu, version 12.04
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/build ubuntu:12.04

That looks good, however I have some question (as I am beginner to docker):

  1. Is the image I have created/downloaded an official build (signed up by Canonical) or this is somebody’s build?
  2. Can I build image out of ISO file?

Yes. The official ubuntu image is a pretty typical place to start with Docker (though the much newer ubuntu:16.04 is probably more common).


Hi David, thanks for reply.


  1. I am asking if this is official Canonical image or is it prepared by 3 party person?
    For the test I want to do I need specifically release 12.04.
  2. To build up image from ISO. Following link shows there is a way to do that. Not really straight from ISO but certainly it is possible to prepare “safe” image (without worry about 3 party person hidden malware/bacdors/etc)!topic/docker-user/HlPU1XIVw40