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Best method to connect containers to non-Docker VM. (OpenVSwitch?)

(Justin Bodnar) #1

I’m having an issue with connecting multiple virtual machines to one virtual network, and am hoping to get some guidance. Here’s our setup:

We have 2 virtual machines.
Both Virtual machines are running on the same VirtualMachine Host, running OpenVSwitch

“Virtual machine Docker Host” (VM-DH) – and it is a docker host running OpenVSwitch
This virtual machine has two containers running
Docker Container #1 (DC1) (ip
Docker Container #2 (DC2) (ip

“Virtual machine 3” (VM3) is a (non-Docker) Debian Virtual machine.
The Problem:
We can get DC1 to ping DC2,
DC2 to ping DC1
How can we get DC 1 and DC2 to ping VM3?
or VM3 to ping DC1 or DC2?

We would ALSO like DC1, DC2, and VM3 to all be able to access the internet, but NOT the other machines on the “management network” of

We can have ANY IPs and network scope assigned to ANY of the Containers and Virtual Machines…
… as long as the VM’s and DC’s can communicate, and
… access the internet
… but NOT access the physical Virtual Machine Host or Docker Host network IPs

We started trying with OpenVSwithch – but any solution that accomplishes the result, we’re willing to do.