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Best practice docker + BTRFS volume


i’m new in docker.
I’m interested in setting up Docker (version 20.10.0) on ubuntu 2004.
At the moment, my server has only one disk partition and i use BTRFS.

I don’t find what could be best solution with docker :

  • create a new BTRFS partition to mount /var/lib/docker
  • let my only one BTRFS partition system and using a BTRFS subvolume to mount /var/lib/docker

Don’t know if it matters but…
Maybe for snapshots…

Thanks for your help.

Hi @yodu63 ,

Did you happen to pick a solution?

I’m new to docker (and linux), and have run into the following.
On my Pop!_OS 20.10 with btrfs-LVM-luks installation I installed docker. When reverting to a snapshot, docker gives me an error when trying to run an image. I think it might be a mounting issue. Unfortunately, reinstalling docker didnt give. I am quite disappointed i ran into this, as I assumed btrfs+snapshotting would make my installation robust, but it did the opposite. But then maybe I need to add some to the set up for docker to work properly.

Hope to hear from you!