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Best practices for tag and image names for dockerhub and official images

Hi there,

I’ve created some docker images for the XWiki project and now that I wish to push them as official images on I have some questions.

Right now at I have one directory per image type (e.g. XWiki on mysql+tomcat. There’s only one right now but the plan is to have more: xwiki on postgres+jetty, etc). And right now the tags I have correspond to the XWiki version, e.g. 8.4.4, 8.x, latest.

However on the official-images github repo there seems to be only one metadata for single image names.

So I’m wondering what’s the best practice:

  • several differently named images with tags matching the xwiki versions (as I have now)
  • or a single image name with tags describing all the variations (such as “8.4.4-mysql-tomcat” or even “8.4.4-mysql5-tomcat8”)

The second option means having branches in git to represent the variations rather than directory names. It also means I wouldn’t be able to tag all the images together with a single git tag or git branch for all images.

So I’m wondering what’s the best practice.

Thanks a lot
XWiki committer