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Best way to handle multiple inheritance in Docker Containers with optional parents?

(Neonerd) #1

Some background information:
I am building a workflow pipeline using Airflow and Docker to support iterative machine learning and check-pointing to a local server.

For machine learning we are experimenting with a few opensource ML engines/APIs such as:

  • Kaldi
  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch

Each of these have their own set of dependencies that are containerized in their own Dockerfiles.

I have also used an open source dockerized Airflow workflow engine. The main intention here is to use the user endpoint define their experiment with a specific tool and a specific input set to be executed on the local server.

Example workflows:

  • User A, trial 1 -> With Kaldi -> With Input Set A -> With Checkpoint A -> Run All and Persist
  • User B, trial 5 -> With Tensorflow -> With Input Set A -> With Checkpoint A -> Run All

My problem:
Each of the ML Tools have the need for CUDA. Is it better to have multi-stage builds in each ML tool or to separate the CUDA into its own container?
If I were to separate CUDA into its own container how can I get the ML Tool’s container to interact with the drivers installed in the CUDA container?