Beta Docker for Windows - ASP.Net kestrel web app Not working

I am having hard time getting ASP.Net kestrel based web app exposed in IE using Docker. I have docker beta for windows installed. I have followed many workarounds but no luck. It just does not show up in IE, says page cannot be reached. The container is created successfully. I did notice that the container exists after being created, not sure if that’s part of the problem.

Docker File

FROM microsoft/aspnet:1.0.0-rc1-update1-coreclr
COPY . /app
RUN [“dnu”, “restore”]
ENTRYPOINT [“dnx”, “web”, “–server.urls”, “http://*:5000”]

Docker build -t dockerimage
Docker run -t -d -p 8080:5000 dockerimage

My Configuration

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Installed Docker for Windows Beta
  • Hyper V – running Moby Linux VM
    I do have NGINX web server running on port 80 and it accessible from IE within the same machine without any problem.