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Bind mount options for case insensitive


(Halandar) #1


I need a volume or mount point I can use across mutliple container instances, which should be mounted case insensitive (like cpiofs could do). But I have not yet found a way to do. Maybe anyone here has some good ideas?


(Sam) #2

can u explain more… not sure what you mean

(Halandar) #3


I have a docker container set up to use a host directory via --mount or -v
This container is designed to run in multiple instances, but every one of them will use the very same directory.

Now insight the container, I need this folder somehow mounted with a case insensitive option. So a bit like on windows. /data/TEXT.FILE is the same as /data/text.file.

On a normal linux box I could try to compile cpiofs, but inside a docker that would blow it up (gcc, and a lot of dev stuff needed). Or I could have a ntfs formattted file and loopo mount it, etc. But here I will need an option for docker.

So is there an case insensitive option for docker do mount a volume? (would be the best option)
Or as a workaround, can I share a disk/volume, which I could format from insight the container?

(Sam) #4

thanks… understand now…

but, no… if the host volume is on linux you will get case sensitive.

if the host volume is on window, then not