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Bridge to local network

(Itsme2501) #1

Hi everyone !

I want to make a bridge (like Vmware or Virtualbox) allowing the containers to get an ip from the dhcp server on my network and to be reach from any computers on my network ( without nat or anything else.

I searched and read many things but i haven’t been able to do it so far …

Thank you !

(Sven Dowideit) #2

This is a really unusual way to set up your containers, but I suspect that can help you

(Vassik) #3

I am actually looking for something similar. I want my containers to have ip address of my host network. Is it possible in general? What would be options to set this up? Is this the only option or there are others?

(Kerwood) #4

I’m looking for the same solution… Still no answers ?