Browse repositories

I would really like to be able to browse repos on dockerhub. I’m guessing that many of you would also like to browse repos on dockerhub. When you click browse, well, you don’t get taken to a page where you can actually browse.

I bet many of your feel the same. Let’s all voice this here, and offer to re-do the portal page for Docker Hub… or request that it be re-done. Right now, all that information is siloed. It would also be nice to be able to filter through a statistically-enhanced list of dockers, similar to what Bower has, but even better.

I guess we would need a way to categorize the repos so that you could browse by categories, and also add some way to tag them, so you could filter, search by tag?

Tag ideas:

  • language (python, go, etc)
  • linux distro (ubuntu, Debian, centos,etc)
  • arch (linux, windows, freebsd, arm, x86, 32bit, 64bit, etc)
  • popular (django, rails, wordpress, etc)

How do we build up this list, maybe do something similar to stack overflow, and allow anyone to submit changes to repos, but those changes need to be approved by either an admin, or a repo owner?

open to other ideas.

Just search library browse all the most popular images.