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Build API Response

After doing a build operation, docker give me a response. This response is not very compliance because i can’t parsing it with JSON. An example:

{“stream”:“Step 1/3 : FROM jolielang/jolie-docker-deployer\n”}
{“stream”:" —\u003e 96c8981e7eaf\n"}
{“stream”:“Step 2/3 : MAINTAINER berselli andrea junior \\u003e\n”}
{“stream”:" —\u003e Using cache\n"}
{“stream”:" —\u003e df9694c69848\n"}
{“stream”:“Step 3/3 : COPY TestingBuild/hello.ol main.ol\n”}
{“stream”:" —\u003e Using cache\n"}
{“stream”:" —\u003e a8156b982994\n"}
{“stream”:“Successfully built a8156b982994\n”}

Is it possible to change or modify ?