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Building a base image

(Wmgeorge) #1

Complete newbie here and trying docker. I am trying to create an image based on a completely configured Raspberry PI Asterisk/FreePBX SD Card image. I have scoured the internet and the documentation to accomplish something of this nature. Does anyone have info on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for any info or help.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

There is some documentation on how to build a base image located here:

That, of course, assumes that you are building an x86_64 image on an x86_64 host.

The general idea, however, is to simply get your root filesystem into a tarball, and then you can docker import it. The import step should work on any old docker host, but you won’t be able to run anything in it if it’s got arm binaries instead of x86_64 binaries.

Hopefully this helps!

(Wmgeorge) #3

Thanks for the answer, and I am trying to build this for arm processor. I have a complete install of the PBX and want create this as a container image for the arm processor.