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Builds failing frequently with "no such file or directory" after copy step


(Jorrit Salverda) #1

Most of my automated builds for the following 2 images are failing for almost a week now.

Every time it fails it’s does so when removing the intermediate container after a COPY step.

Step 8 : COPY ./ /
Removing intermediate container 6d8095c5f3d2
stat /var/lib/docker/overlay/6c7ca75af1aaa688f45fe1289138dd6d18293715d2f217dc6beb813e9eb83077/merged/ no such file or directory

It makes Docker Hub practically unusable for building those images. Building it locally works fine.

(Ryan Kennedy) #2

@jsalverda The issue you are experiencing is similar to #811 and we will be posting updates via that thread as soon as further information / the fix is available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

(Ryan Kennedy) #3