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Builds with Alpine Linux 3.14 fail on Docker Hub

Docker Hub builds currently run on Docker v19.03.8. However, many docker image builds rely on Alpine Linux.

Alpine Linux 3.14 has some breaking changes:

Alpine Linux 3.14 requires one of the following:
runc v1.0.0-rc93
Docker 20.10.0

Without one of the above, even simple things like running make fail, as lots of users have found out recently:


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The upgrade for Docker engine on Docker Hub Autobuilds is in progress and should be rolled out in the coming weeks

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I am sorry, English is not my mother tongue. But is the weeks a typo? Or we won’t get the upgrade anytime soon?
Or I didn’t understand correctly?

You read that correctly. It could be as early as next week, but I cannot make promises.

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This should be fixed now as autobuilds now uses Docker Engine 20.10.7

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