Recent python:3.10-alpine image push cause some compiler broken

Hi folks, Wish to check for some answer and guideline here on the python:3.10-alpine image tag as mentioned here: Docker

I saw that there’s some pushed happening recently which I suspect causing some compiler broken in build environment.

Is it possible to download the image that before the recent push? Or where can I file issue for maintainers to fix the broken issue?

Attached the log below is the issue i saw when i try to install unstructured[pdf] module in the image, previously was working before the date of the recent push.

note: 'std::uintptr_t' is defined in header ''; did you forget to '#include '?

Looks like compiler is broken in your build environment.
Correct message should look like:

note: ‘uintptr_t’ is defined in header ‘<cstdint>’; did you forget to ‘#include <cstdint>’?

Thank you.

Rearding the error messages, I’m confused which message was shown where and whether the following sentence was part of the error or you want to say something was wrong in the build environment of the image maintainers.

You can find the tags of older versions on the tags tab on Docker Hub:

I don’t know what happened. If the problem is a newer Alpine base image, you could define the base image version too:


Or the patch version of Python if that is the problem:


or both


not every combination of the version numbers exists, but I checked and my examples do.

The github issues page is mentioned in the description of the image:

Quick reference (cont.)