Calico-node pod is unhealthy:

I am using Docker 18.09.1, UCP 3.1.2 on a open stack redhat linux machine. I had to install UCP 3.0.7 and upgrade to 3.1.2 but when I installed 3.0.7 my node was down, I upgraded to 3.1.2 my node was still down. When I add other nodes to swarm they are down.

The message I got is: Has anyone else has this problem?


Calico-node pod is unhealthy: calico-node pod is in phase Pending, unexpected calico-node pod condition Ready:False, calico-node pod container calico-node is not running with state {&ContainerStateWaiting{Reason:CreateContainerConfigError,Message:host IP unknown; known addresses: ,} nil nil}

I have seen these type of fixes but rp_filter is already 1