Can a docker hub tag have its content changed?

I have a project that was fixed to the image ‘cubejs/cube:v0.34’, it recently underwent an update and ended up breaking my project, shouldn’t a tag be immutable?

In short, no. It depends on the maintainer’s choise, but there are usually tags that won’t change. You can find the tags here:

There are v0, v0.34 and v0.34.45. When v0.34.46 is released, v0.34 will point to that. That could be changed too, but probably won’t be. The documentation of docker pull shows the ways to pull a specific image and keep that even when the tag changes.


Using this feature “pins” an image to a specific version in time. Docker does therefore not pull updated versions of an image, which may include security updates. If you want to pull an updated image, you need to change the digest accordingly.


After I was notified about the accepted solution, I realized, although my answer was correct, without quoting a part of the question it was misunderstandable as the topic title asks the opposite. So quote added to the beginning of the post.