Can a single container can run multiple apps simultaneously

Hello all,

I have a docker container ID, from that i want to do multiple users can also access multiple tasks using that same container ID.

Is that possible?

Not fully understand your questions, but docker containers can execute whatever applications you have configured in the image. Basically the container is a “running” instance of an image and therefore it will run whatever applications have been installed and configured in that image.
Ususally though, to keep concerns separated, it is common to place each application in a different container since each application might have different dependencies or requirements.

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hello orioldelos,
my question is if i have a container ID ,inside that some 3 users are there like x, y, z .
i want to know if all these 3 users can work different different tasks simultaneously?
because if now i am using multi users also showing the same task ir running everywhere.
is there any solution for this?

Please, try to be more carefull with the words. It is really hard to understand what you would like to do and we are just guessing based on our experience. If it helps you, use Google Translate or to translate your question to English if it is not your native language or ask a friend to help.

A container ID is a string, so you will not run anything in a container ID. I don’t understand what you would like to do with users and what kind of users they are. Users in the container or actual people trying to run containers.

@orioldelos had a good answer. I can’t give you much better answer unless you can be clearer.

I can only add that containers usually run only one main process and that can fork more to run in parallel. If you need to run multiple application in one container you need one process that can run these applications. You can try supervisord or s6-init

Again, I am just guessing so I may be wrong and you want something totally different.