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Can I create a container with a development environment inside of it?

Is it possible to create a container where I can actually do my development within the container? That is, have a copy of vs code all set up with the extensions I need running in the distro of Linux then I will be using to actually run the code. This way I’ll be doing my development within the environment that I’ll actually be running it in. Also, I would be able to spend this container up from different machines and work with it. Currently, I’m working within a VM to do my development. If, for some reason oh, this VM is unavailable then I have to go to another one where the tools I use may or may not be available.

Someone already made an image and shared it on Dockerhub: Might be a good starting point to customize it for your needs.

The image uses to run VS Code as Webapp.

Edit: you will like this one more as it is more aimed towards “non kuberenets/openshift” environments.