Can not connect to container in custom network after power outage


I have a docker engine running on my ubuntu server and I’ve setup 2 custom network in modes ipvlan2 and ipvlan3. I have containers running on both of the network and also on the bridge network.

Today there way a power outage and now after it came back the container start up fine but I can’t access anything that isn’t on the bridge network. I’ve tried recreating the containers witch didn’t help and I’ve also check the virtual interfaces I had to make to get all of the networks working and they where up and the networks mounted to the correct interfaces.

I don’t know what the issue is or how to fix it so I am asking for help.

You mean from a container to the internet, or from the internet to the container through an ipvlan network?

From any machine on my local network to my containers. I haven’t tried connecting from containers to the internet.

Post power outage, if containers on custom networks are inaccessible, check virtual interfaces, confirm container configurations, inspect Docker engine logs for errors, use network troubleshooting tools, and restart Docker service or server if issues persist.

I’ve already done those things and nothing worked.