Can not Mount Volumes other then C:

Docker for windows (using Desktop Docker)
Window 10 Pro Insider Preview (build 19592)
wsl 2 enabled
Stablebit Drive pool In use. {4 external drives, addressed as 1 volume} - D

I’m unable to mount any windows folder that is not on the C drive it self.

From the Unique Device IDs (for any volume windows sees), to windows mounted folders, or via drive letters.

the daemon doesn’t kick back an error, but when inside the docker image that is running, it is unable to access the mount point.

There is no ‘shared access’ tab in the settings. & the command to mount works properly within the c drive.

I’ve not had any program that relies on windows access & paths be unable to access the USB based volume. (while I’ve had to use the GUID/DeviceID for the volume it self in some situations & programs to keep some volumes hidden from surface level access, I’ve not had it been unable to access it)

I’m sure I did something wrong, but I’d rather get it figured out so I can expand & test in more environments w/o relying on Hyper-V (as it’s often a barrier as much as it helps)

I’m having the exact same issue: not being able to bind a mount point on a drive that’s managed by StableBit DrivePool. I suspect DrivePool does not implements all the low-level disk API docker needs to access the volume.

There are reports on the StableBit DrivePool forum as well.

I’ll be monitoring the issue and post any relevant developments here.