Can´t get it running

at first, i am completey new to docker :slight_smile:
I tried to find a beginners-forum or something like this, but i did not find something matching, so, i hope its ok to post here :slight_smile:

I use a Dell T20 with 24 GB RAM as server.
OS is Unraid in version 6.3.3
There I use the installed docker.

I installed Owncloud with no errors.
Then I startet the docker and clicked on the link to access is:
But all I get is, Error, Connection failed.

Ok, maybe someho I failed.
So I uninstalled Owncloud and retried it.
Again installation without any errors, owncloud running, but : Error, Connection failed.

OK, maybe the image does not like me, lets try open-vpn as.
Again installation without any errors.
Then I startet the docker and clicked on the docker and there on “webgui”.link to access is:
But : Error, Connection failed.

Somehow, it seems like i am to dumb to use docker, so, could please somebody help me?
Thanks a lot in forward :slight_smile:

And sorry for the poor english, i am out of trainig for several years…

Hello there,

May I know if you’re trying to connect externally or internally?
If externally, please use docker-machine ip to get the IP Address and connect from there.
If internally, localhost or should work.

If both doesn’t work, you probably did not expose the Containers.
Please provide the command used if so

CrAzYz_ (Zypeth)

I try to connect the server via lan.
IP of server is
IP of PC used is

Even if I use the link provided under Port Mapping in unraid, i get the error.

What do you mean with “expose the Container”?

Hello there,

Please run docker-machine ip and tell me the output here in raw form.

Expose the container is to allow outbound connections into the container. Currently, I think you’re denying outbound connections. Therefore, you couldn’t connect to your server.

CrAzYz_ (Zypeth)