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Can we create docker image for the folders(directories)

Good Day!

I have a folder which consists of dlls, script files and style sheets etc., I’d like to create docker image for that folder. Is it possible? If so, Please help me…

Thanks & Regards

Short answer: yes

What you do is create your own Dockerfile and from there add your files. Depending on what you are trying to do, you need to start with an image that supports your application.

Since you are mentioning DLLs and style sheets etc I make an assumption that you are trying do dockerize a .NET-application. Take a look at

thanks for your response,

I have some .jar, .bat and .exe files in the directory, Can I create docker image for that directory.

Thanks & regards

Yes, you can.

But what are you trying to achieve? Distributing files, installation… Please describe what you want to do.