Cannot call docker exposed url from other containers in the same host

I run into this issue and could not find the way to fix it.
I have an service named AccountAuthorizationServiceAPI used to authorize users which is exposed to (this is deployed to the daemon host on server).

I want this to be stand-alone service as I can just simply pass accountId e.g. abcde123 to return his access

Because I have few more services that will use this AccountAuthorizationServiceAPI to authenticate the user access.
The problem is:
I cannot call this URL, always occur exception even if I am in the container of my local docker host or server docker host.
In order to make it thru, every making new APIs that consume AccountAuthorizationServiceAPI i have to bring up this as a built-in service. It could be redundant
Let’s say: docker ps
I might have>80/tcp portfoliodetailsserviceduy_PortfolioDetailsService_1
80/tcp portfoliodetailsserviceduy_accountauthorizationservice_1 <-redudant>80/tcp transactionsdetailsservice_transactionsdetails_1
80/tcp transactionsdetailsservice_accountauthorizationservice_1 <-redudant>80/tcppositiondetailsservice_PositionDetailsService_1
80/tcp positiondetailsservice_accountauthorizationservice_1 <-redudant

this is the AccountAuthorizationServiceAPI container itself>80/tcp accountauthorizationservice_accountauthorizationservice_1

I made a small note:
//var url = “”; //OK - another local docker container
//var url = “”; //Not OK
//var url = “”; OK
var client = new HttpClient();
var response = await client.GetAsync(url);
var json = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

Don’t know what was wrong but really seek for help as there will be many more AccountAPI consumers down the road.

While waiting for the response, I have found the answer.