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Cannot get Docker for Windows to start

(Sgowda) #1

Output of error:

Failed to create Switch “DockerNAT”: Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections.

Internal miniport create failed, name = ‘55211D2C-BA46-49CE-8348-F01D77CEA31A’, friendly name = ‘DockerNAT’, MAC = ‘DYNAMIC’: Invalid class string (0x800401F3).
at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeClient.TrySend(String action, Object[] parameters)
at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeClient.Send(String action, Object[] parameters)
at Docker.Core.Backend.BackendClient.Start(Settings settings)
at Docker.Actions.DoStart(Settings settings, Boolean showWelcomeWindow)
at Docker.Core.TaskQueue.<.ctor>b__16_0()

Diagnostic ID is: A6E058B4-4B9A-4ACF-863E-923B7F8F117F/2016-07-14_17-30-48