Cannot mount mariadb data on windows

I use docker-toolbox in win10 ,everything is fine but try mount mariadb data on window’s share folder. When i run the mariadb container with -v it will generate some file then shut down. the error is:

Initializing database
2017-07-07 0:36:50 140093939206016 [Warning] InnoDB: Failed to set O_DIRECT on file./ibdata1;CREATE: Invalid argument, ccontinuing anyway. O_DIRECT is known to result in ‘Invalid argument’ on Linux on tmpfs, see MySQL Bug#26662.
2017-07-07 0:36:51 140093939206016 [ERROR] Can’t init tc log
2017-07-07 0:36:51 140093939206016 [ERROR] Aborting

i try run in linux is ok, how can i fix it i window?

I am having the same issue and the reasoning is because you cant mount a linux file system onto NTFS which is windows. There is currently no solution.

thanks, i had give up to do it in windows. but i think use vbox+samba can work