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Cannot run Docker 3rd Birthday voting app

(Ggtools) #1

Expected behavior

docker-compose up should start the application

Actual behavior

docker-compose up displays “Creating db” and, after a while, ends with an error:

An HTTP request took too long to complete. Retry with --verbose to obtain debug information.
If you encounter this issue regularly because of slow network conditions, consider setting
COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT to a higher value (current value: 60).

The db container is actually stuck at the Created status:

70b64ee3acb8 postgres:9.4 “/docker-entrypoint.s” 8 hours ago Created

Screen cam from the session available at:

I changed the COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT to 120 without any more success.

docker run postgres:9.4 is working and starting the created container also works.

Strange thing: the docker container is created with the “db” name while I expect it to be created with exemplevotingapp_db_1


  • the output of:

    • DockerDebugInfo.ps1 using Powershell on Windows : not work Command NotFoundException
  • Windows 10

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Start with a fresh install of Docker for Windows
  2. Get a fresh checkout of docker/docker-birthday-3 on github
  3. from the example-voting-app directory type docker-compose up
  4. Wait

(Michael Friis) #2

@ggtools hm, the app runs on my machine. The DockerDebugInfo.ps1 is found in C:\<program files>\Docker\Docker\resources - could you try running that again? The output of docker version would also be good to have.

(Ggtools) #3

I’ll do but for the moment my Docker 4 Windows is not exactly in good shape so I’ll have to wait for a while before using it.