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Can't access container data using WSL via Explorer

I have had Docker set up for a number of months using WSL2. It’s been working very well, with several containers running without issues. I use this for WordPress development.

I access my plugin code via:


Until today…

I have that folder pinned to Quick Access in Windows Explorer. But, as of today, I receive an error “Attempt to access invalid address”. Looking closer, the …\volumes is missing (the parent …\docker folder is empty).

What is really confusing me is that the WordPress sites are running and available, via localhost, as they always have been. So, my data is there…“somewhere”.

Running on Windows 10 20H2 (this problem occurred before I upgraded to that, it is not specific to that version).

Any idea on what’s happening here?

In my experience, WSL2 can be a little flaky at times. Presuming you’ve not changed anything, restart WSL by either rebooting or entering:

wsl --shutdown

I’ve added that as a start-up .bat file and WSL is rock-solid now.

You may be interested in my Docker for Web Developers book and video course which explains how to set-up good local development environments. It covers WSL2 and WordPress in-depth. (Use the discount code dock30 for 30% off.)